Rules and Procedures

Rules and Procedures for GWAMUN II

Rules and Procedures Document

Virtual MUN Conference Logistics:

Note passing: This will be conducted using the chat option on Zoom. You may chat to any of the delegates but please ensure that it is appropriate. Any inappropriate messages should be reported to the Chair.

Amendments: Delegates may write their amendments to the Chair through the chat option on Zoom, though emailing it to your committee’s email is preferred.

Cameras: Cameras must be on at all times. This is to mimic the experience of an in-person conference.

Placards: Please change your name to your country allocation.

Raising Placards: Delegates must use the “raise your hand” feature.

Resolution writing: Resolutions will be written in small groups chosen at the discretion of the Chair. The Chair will form breakout rooms for these blocks to discuss ideas and write the resolution.

Resolution Approval Panel: Finalized resolutions must be sent to [email protected] to be approved. These must be sent by 6:00 pm on January 14th.