Frequently Asked Questions

Q)        When does GWAMUN take place?

Ans. The conference will take place from 9th January to 11th January.


Q)        Where does GWAMUN take place?

Ans. GWAMUN will take place at the Gems World Academy campus in Al Barsha.


Q)        Who can attend GWAMUN?

Ans. Students between 9th and 12th grade are allowed to attend GWAMUN.


Q)        What is the language of the conference?

Ans. All committees will be held in English.


Q)        How many students attend GWAMUN?

Ans. We are anticipating atleast 600 delegates from 30 schools will be attending  

Q)        What is the theme of the conference?

Ans. “Challenges of Intervention in a Complex World”

Q)        What are the committees and topics of GWAMUN?

Ans. The 24 committees that will be held at GWAMUN can be found at (link)


Q)        How to apply for GWAMUN?

Ans. You can apply for GWAMUN at (link)


Q)        What are the registration deadlines?

Ans. 30th September 2019.


Q)        Are meals provided at the conference?

Ans. Yes, dinner will be served on Thursday and lunch will be served on the rest of the days. Afternoon tea is also provided.


Q)        Are there vegetarian/halal/vegan/jain dining options?

Ans. GWAMUN provides vegetarian and halal dining options.


Q)        Do MUN directors and chaperones need to be on campus at all times during

           the conference?

Ans. Yes, As a conference policy, we require that at least one responsible adult from each school remain on campus during the conference.