Frequently Asked Questions

Q)        When does GWAMUN II take place?

Ans. The conference will take place between January 14th and January 16th, 2021.


Q)        Where does GWAMUN II take place?

Ans. Due to the current global pandemic, GWAMUN II will be taking place virtually on Zoom.


Q)        Who can attend GWAMUN II?

Ans. Students between 9th and 12th grade from anywhere in the world are allowed to attend GWAMUN II.


Q)        What is the language of the conference?

Ans. All committees will be held in English.


Q)        How many students attend GWAMUN II?

Ans. We are anticipating at least 500 delegates from 25 schools will be attending.  

Q)        What is the theme of the conference?

Ans. “Combating Crises in a Globalized World”.


Q)        What are the committees and topics of GWAMUN II?

Ans. All committees and topics can be found in the "Topics and Committees" section on this website.


Q)        How do we apply for GWAMUN II?

Ans. Registration has not opened as of now, however, once it is opened on September 1st, 2020, you can apply in the "Registration" section on this website.


Q)        What are the registration deadlines?

Ans. Find the registration deadlines on the "Important Deadlines" section on this website.