World Health Organization


The question of combating vaccine skepticism over the world

Additionally, controlling the spread of the Ebola virus will also be discussed upon. This is because the sudden outbreak of this pandemics caused around 4000 deaths and 14,061 cases of those that suffered. Hence, the delegates will come together to address specific points of the problem and give a realistic and sensible resolution towards the issue.

The question of controlling the spread of the Ebola virus

The World Health Organization directs and coordinates international health within the United Nation Systems. The main areas of work are health systems; health through the life-course; noncommunicable and communicable diseases, preparedness, and more. Therefore, one of the topics that the delegates will discuss in this session are the question of combating vaccine skepticism. This recent issue has developed from the side-effects that it may cause to their children. However, the dangers of this have currently been addressed a large measles outbreak swept through Disneyland in California, infecting over 50 people. Hence, the delegates will aim to fulfill the agenda of combating the skepticism of vaccines by a resolution that covers all areas of the issue.