United Nations Security Council


Established in 1945, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is a primary organ of the UN with a responsibility for maintaining global peace and security. Membership of this council consists of fifteen states – five permanent with veto power and ten rotating. In times of conflict, the UNSC may endorse peaceful resolutions, impose sanctions, or even approve the use of force. All UNSC decisions are to be adhered to by Member States, as decreed in the UN Charter.


The question of providing intervention for the situation in Syria

In 2011, protests in Syria following Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt were met with violent retaliation by security forces. Crackdowns on nationwide protests grew into a brutal civil war that has led to foreign powers’ involvement, mass influxes of refugees into other states, and the rise of terrorist groups like ISIS. Delegates will look at methods to provide and justifications for intervention for the situation in Syria.