Futuristic Crisis Committee


The question of addressing the new potent strain of COVID-19

A new, more potent strain of COVID19 has been discovered that is more aggressive and is able to spread much faster. It was discovered in the USA close to a biomedical laboratory and some think it is the result of experimentation. It has already killed 1/10 of the people COVID19 has and is predicted to take triple the amount of victims through its life. The new strain has quickly swept over and shut down the governments of multiple countries including the USA, China, and UK

Measures to resolve the international nuclear conflict

As tensions between the nuclear powers are near a breaking point, the notion of nuclear warfare is starting to become a reality with Russia launching its first nuke towards the USA moments ago. In order to prevent another world war and complete annihilation, measures must be taken to ensure this conflict is solved with diplomacy, not force. If no action is taken, life on earth as we know it could cease to exist.

The question of creating legislation regarding robots in warfare

With the recent technological innovation of robots capable of intelligent thinking, flight, and launching missiles, recent updates with militaries across the globe indicate a movement away from human soldiers and towards these war robots. If not handled carefully, this could turn into a catastrophic event and millions of innocents could die.