European Union


Measures to address future relations between the UK and the EU in regards to Brexit

Brexit refers to the UK’s decision to leave the EU. The stand-still transition period will end on the 31st of December 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic had put a hold on official proceedings, halting the negotiations of Brexit. The UK is taking a more ideological stance, and the EU believes that with the current remote format of negotiations, they are close to reaching the limits of what they can achieve with regards to Brexit. The EU and UK have contrasting views on negotiations, thus it is critical that measures are taken to address future relations between them.

Measures to enforce the European Green Deal

The European green deal is the roadmap to making the EU economy sustainable, by turning the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation into opportunities. For this to happen, it needs to be ensured that “no person and no place is left behind” within the competitive EU economy has “no net emission of greenhouse gases by 2050” and “economic growth is decoupled for resource use”.

Measures to solve the refugee crisis

The UNHCR offers humanitarian and cash assistance and provides accommodation and support improving conditions at reception; it also helps prevent and address sexual and gender-based violence, protect the monitoring of interventions, and engage with the refugee community to offer them a voice in response. On March 1st Turkey announced it would stop enforcing the immigration agreement preventing immigrants from entering the continental bloc, allowing tens of thousands of migrants entering into Greece through turkey. In response, Greece has increased security to prevent such migrations and to protect their own borders. This could cause the creation of a brand new refugee crisis, which needs to be addressed by the global community immediately with utmost effectiveness.