International Criminal Court


Omar al-Bashir for War Crimes in Sudan

In early 2003, Sudan’s military was losing ground to rebels in the western region of Darfur. Sudan had been at civil war since the early 1980s and had begun peace talks and moved towards a peace deal with its adversaries until a separate rebellion rose up in Darfur in 2002. Sudan’s already exhausted military lost ground in a series of humiliating defeats. Omar al-Bashir, dictator since seizing power in a military coup years earlier, responded with a reign of terror in Darfur. This reign of terror was quickly described by the United Nations as a genocide. He enlisted an army of informal militias, which he armed and encouraged into battle with incitements to ethnically motivated violence. The militia fanned out across Darfur, systematically destroying villages and raping, murdering, or expelling its inhabitants. The International Criminal Court is accusing Bashir for war crimes. Nations must cooperate together to determine ways in which the court can arrest Bashir and rightfully persecute him if deemed necessary.

Adbel Raheem Muhammad Hussein for war crimes in Sudan

Hussein is a Sudanese politician and the former Governor of Khartoum State. He served as the longstanding Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Sudan. Furthermore, he also served for a period as the Minister of Interior Affairs. In later years the Hussein was accused of supporting the Janjaweed and committing war crimes, allegation he and the government both strongly deny. The Janjaweed are a militia that operate in Western Sudan. During the civil war and the revolutions that occurred in Sudan in the beginning of the 21st century, the Sudanese Government responded by using the Janjaweed as its main counter-insurgency force. Protracting the forces to attack and recover the rebel held areas in Darfur, the Janjaweed conducted a campaign targeting rebels in the region. The International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for arrest as it is suspected that Hussein has partaken in War Crimes. The court must investigate further and determine and execute charges that are deemed necessary.