United Nations Development Program


Measures to improve the state of sanitation in LEDCs

Poor sanitation has been a persisting issue in many LEDC’s, causing the spread of many illnesses. This is very dangerous for the standard of living of the citizens in these countries, as they are at higher risk of becoming ill and dying. In recent years, many initiatives have been undertaken to help accelerate sanitation coverage in rural areas, however it still is not enough. Therefore, through this topic, delegates will debate on how member states of the UN can collectively establish new measures or reinforce previous ones, to allow for a good standard of sanitation measures to flourish on a global scale.

Measures to improve the accessibility of energy resources across society

1.3 billion people (which is equivalent to 1 in 5 people) around the world do not have accessibility to electricity in their homes and businesses. While wealthy countries consume large amounts of electricity on a daily basis and waste tons of it, lower-income countries lack even basic infrastructure to be able to access the required energy resources and to generate the electricity. Thus, it is extremely important that new measures are created to promote access to sustainable energy in low developed areas, and to make the consumption of energy resources more equitable around the world.

Measures to decrease hunger and famines in LEDCs

Hunger and famine has been a severe issue across LEDC’s, causing malnutrition, various illnesses and death on a large scale. While wealthy countries have vast abundance of food, a lot of which goes to waste, some families in LEDC’s do not even have the means to access one proper meal a day. This hunger and famine can arise for many different reasons, such as inadequate agriculture, low-income, and poor living standards. Thus, it is extremely important that measures are taken to try and decrease hunger and famine, to ensure that the survival of citizens in LEDCS and to ensure that they have a proper standard of living.