Futuristic Security Council


The question of creating an internationally funded orbiting security system for earth in the year 2120

As extraterrestrial threats grow more pressing, containing and preventing these threats from escalating into violence is necessary. One proposed method of doing so is creating an internationally-funded orbiting security system for Earth to neutralize these threats. Delegates will discuss the feasibility of such a system and the justification for it.

The question of containing a zombie virus outbreak

It is the year 2120. Reports have come in that a zombie virus has broken out in several regions across the world. The United Nations Futuristic Council needs to act fast in order to minimize the potential catastrophic damage to society that such an outbreak can produce.


The question of answering first contact

It is the year 2120. Ever since the thought of extraterrestrial life, the question of first contact has always been debated by many. It is now time. An expedition to the outer belt of the Solar System, performed in January of 2120, confirmed a sign of extraterrestrial life. The states of the United Nations must come to a consensus on how to act and approach this form of life that was for so long hypothesized.