Futuristic General Assembly


The question of granting personhood to Artificial Intelligence – 2120

It is the year 2120, and advanced Artificial Intelligence has been an integral component of society for decades, with an evergrowing animosity towards the machines from many areas of society as they have become smarter, stronger and ever improving over the years. In 2110, an Artificially Intelligent robot used in experimental cancer research developed a procedure that eventually went on to clinical trials and passed, before being made available commercially. Seven years on, and the treatment maintained a 98.3% success rate for all types of cancer, effectively curing it completely. This monumental achievement from a robot brought attention to a previously unaddressed issue of whether or not personhood should be granted to robots, who have now achieved sentience and have become incredibly advanced. Delegates of this committee will have to determine whether or not these factors, alongside monumental advancements made by Artificial Intelligence, should warrant citizenship rights for AI, and if so under what criteria they should be given.


The question of establishing the United Nation Space Command – 2120

The year is 2120, and many significant events have occurred in space over the past century. In the 2030s and ’40s, human space colonization began, causing a new era of space exploration and development that resulted in many ambiguities over international domain and ownership of specific areas of spices and specific planets, with countries debating over territory and resource disputes over the following decades. The resolution at hand is being written following a large scale space war over colony territory on Mars that resulted in a need for new international legislation and the establishment of the United Nations Space Command, which is intended to be fully operational from and within space to ensure a fast response to any issues that may arise in the colonized areas of space, mirroring the role of the United Nations on Earth. Delegates will be faced with designing comprehensive resolutions that clearly establish the role of a governing body for space a clear legal framework for these territories, and how it would be implemented.