Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice


 The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) deals with issues of global crime and criminal justice and was established in 1992 by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Composed of forty member states, the CCPCJ works to maintain peace through crime prevention and security maintenance as well as promotes an international respect for human rights and justice.

 The question of reducing child labor in South East Asia. 

All children have the right to a childhood and an education; hence, child laboring has been recognized as immoral and illegal in all member states. However, many member states are having difficulties protecting the rights of children in South East Asia. Hence, it is imperative for delegates of the global community to address this issue. 

The question of addressing cybercrime to preserve electoral legitimacy

In the age of a globalized cyberspace and movement towards using technology to conduct elections online and register voters’ views, there is also the growing concern over security of such platforms in terms of hacking and rigging of elections. Delegates will discuss methods to address such cybercrime and preserve international electoral legitimacy.


The question of preventing the distribution of counterfeit medicine

In modern times, pharmaceutical companies are regulated to ensure reliability and functionality of produced medicines. This process is costly, and this is reflected in the price to the consumer. Many consumers thus turn to blackmarket/counterfeit medicines as to limit the economic burden imposed by legitimate medicines. However, there is little security in these counterfeit medicines, and the health risks associated with these can be detrimental to societies.